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Write a Critical Analysis Essay it’s Easy (Guide for Beginners)

If you are reading this you probably need to write a critical analysis paper and don’t know what to do! Don’t worry, you are not alone and in today’s guideline you will get all details you may require on completing this assignment with ease. However, let’s start with definition.

Critical analysis is an academic essay that shows your ability to take a source text (or movie) and analyze it. That is why it is such a common assignment on all academic levels and faculties. You need to show that you are able to critically evaluate an article, a book, a movie or a painting.

If your critical analysis is good enough, it gives the audience a comprehensive evaluation of the given piece and shows all of its aspects. In case you don’t have time and need to master this type of assignment as soon as possible, just go on reading and get tips from the best tutors and writers!

Where to Start?

It is very simple: your start is always reading. Read the given piece attentively and only then proceed with the writing. Prepare a notebook, a pencil or a pen and some stickers. Make notes of important sections of the piece or underline them.

Write down terms or concepts that you are not familiar with.  Then you can think about the title of your essay. It should reflect the piece you need to analyze and interlink with your main ideas. For example:

  • On Harry Potter, written by J.K. Rowling;
  • On Cecelia Ahern’s P.S. I Love You.

Easy Steps to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

When writing a critical paper you don’t create something new but criticize someone else’s work. That is why you have to be sure that your essay is clear, objective and properly structured. You may highlight both positive and negative aspects of the work; agree with the author or disagree with him, providing strong argumentation.

Below are four simple steps that will help you along the way.

Read critically

In order to write a flawless paper, you need to read the source critically and to chase the following goals:

  • Identify main ideas;
  • Determine key thesis;
  • Detect appeals;
  • Estimate how good the author was in rendering the message.

Keep these goals in mind, while you are reading the text. It is also highly recommended to additionally research all the unknown words, concepts and terms to have a deeper understanding of the subject.

Create an outline

Creating a viable plan is already half of success. That is why you need to pay careful attention to the required format of your future essay. It will contain information on the structure of your essay, quantity of body paragraphs and so on.

Usually your essay will need to consist of an introduction, main paragraphs and a conclusion. Then you just need to write down all the things you want to include to your future essay. This will help you to avoid writer’s blocks in future.


When analysis in literature is already conducted, it is a right time to start writing. Make sure you pay equal attention to all sections of the essay, because they complement each other and may greatly influence the result.

  • Introduction

Your introduction should begin with a hook sentence that will grab attention of the audience and will motivate them to go on reading. End the introductory section with a thesis that will interlink the audience with main paragraphs.

  • Body paragraphs

Devote a separate body paragraph to every idea, backing it with reliable arguments and answering questions. Complement your sentences with quotes, examples and evidence from the source text.

  • Conclusion

In the final section of your paper it is necessary to restate your thesis and points of view. It should match the first section of your essay without repeating it.

Make sure that your final arguments are strong enough to leave the audience with a good impression after finishing the essay.

Editing and proofreading

When the final draft is ready, put it aside and take some time to rest. After you have cleared your mind, you need to read the essay several times to search for possible mistakes or to add missing details. Be very attentive to the slightest details. If you are not sure whether you can cope with the task on your own, take a professional editor.

When all of the mistakes are identified, revise your essay and fix all the errors to make the text flawless.

Following the above steps you will surely create an essay that will get an A and will show all of your analytical and writing skills. However, you need to start well in advance not to be in a hurry and to use solid transition words to make the text smooth and readable.

In addition, you should always remain logical and objective to show the readers that you are competent and professional.


Now, when you have already analyzed and written your essay, you need to be sure that it follows the required formatting style, renders your ideas in a clear manner and contains all of the necessary elements.

Here is how a good formatting of a critical essay should look like:

  1. Background details
  2. Source text (title, author’s name, details on publication, it’s goal and topic);
  3. Thesis statement that shows your opinion on the topic.
  4. Brief description of the work you are going to analyze.
  5. Evaluation of the piece and its interpretation
  6. Organization of work;
  7. Style of the author;
  8. Efficiency of work;
  9. Information on how the author worked on the topic and rendered its main idea;
  10. Information on author’s communication with the audience.

Being able to write a critical analysis paper is one of the most important skills any student should get. It helps scholars to deal with all types of other assignments, to be able to find necessary sources and to remain objective, when rendering personal points of view.

In addition, critical skills are very useful in professional life not depending on the specialty you have to choose. If you are not sure whether you are able to cope with the task on your own, you can always contact a professional writing service and get assistance of writers, editors and proofreaders any time of the day and night.


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